Cape Byron Medical Centre


In the world today we are all too often reminded of ‘glass ceilings’ and the challenges women face in breaking through them. Women in business and working mums in particular are proving to be powerful and creative and changing the face of business.

For working mums it is the challenges at home that can be the real hurdles. What it takes for a working mum to leave the house on time with school lunches and clean uniforms in tow is truly impressive – but does anyone ever say great work today Mum – I got to school on time, I had a yummy lunch and you remembered to pack my library bag today – how did you remember that? Or did you get home after a completely exhausting day at work or with the kids and expect to find time for your partner, friend or family?

Cape Byron Medical-Women in BusinessAs women we are nurturing and caring and most often put the needs of our love-ones ahead of us. In order to sustain the pressures at home, at work and in the world around us we need to find time for us. We need to make time for ourselves and realise we are also a priority. Without many of the mums, partners, sisters or friends in this world we wouldn’t have the compassion and understanding to help us through life.

At Cape Byron Medical Centre we provide holistic care to the whole family, though understand the pressures placed on women to just get to work on time. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest possible standards of preventative health and medical care. Going to the GP is not just about having the mandatory pap smear – it is about emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. At Cape Byron Medical Centre we look forward to working with you – the mother, grandmother, sister, friend and woman, to put you first.