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Our health impacts our lives, it affects our mood, our relationships and our motivation at work and at home. So why do we willingly excuse ourselves from getting up, out and active during the winter months? Can we really use the excuse that it’s ‘too cold outside’ as residents of the Northern Rivers? Not really. Our average minimum winter temperature of is 11.7 Degrees Celsius.  At Cape Byron Medical Centre, your Byron Bay Family GP, we are focused on promoting winter health and getting our patients moving.


Exercise has so many benefits not only for your physical health but also your mental wellbeing.  Exercise stimulates your brain to improve your mood and ultimately makes you feel better.  Exercise can reduce your stress levels and assists with anxiety.  If you’re feeling low, exercise can assist with releasing chemicals in the brain to improve your mood and emotions.  Speak to one of our local family GP’s at Cape Byron Medical Centre to discuss how exercise can improve your winter health and reduce illness such as high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, heart and lung disease, diabetes, dementia and obesity.  It helps people recover from stroke by rebuilding muscle strength and restoring muscle memory.  The benefits from exercise are significant – it’s all about moving!

So get out doors and improve your winter health. Take a walk up to the iconic Byron Bay lighthouse, allow yourself to be in awe of the whales and embrace your life. If you’re lacking motivation or have health concerns, work with a team of professionals who are committed to helping you to find your happier, healthier self. At Cape Byron Medical Centre, located on Marvell St in Byron Bay, we understand sometimes it takes more motivation and understanding to truly change your health. Your health encompasses your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. Being active, eating well and partaking in regular exercise will invariably improve all aspects of your health and lifestyle. Whilst not a new concept the secret is to simply MOVE!

Winter is a time to be proactive and embrace your health, not a time to hibernate. So instead of making another excuse not to go outside start with small steps and small changes and build the foundations for a healthier, more fulfilled you. Call 6685 6326 to make an appointment with one of our GP’s at Cape Byron Medical Centre today.

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