In Brief

Our objective is to proactively support the general health and wellbeing of our patients, through the delivery of preventative health care services, in partnership with community and allied health care professionals, surgical specialists and acute care medical facilities.

We seek to resource our practice with tertiary accredited, suitably experienced and empathetic practitioners, nurses, administrative staff, and technology, to help our patients realise their basic right to full physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Our practice is conveniently located in the heart of Byron Bay, with off-street parking and wheelchair access at the rear of the the premises.

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Meet our team

Dedicated | Caring | Competant

D Dr Tonya Coren

General Practitioner

D Dr David Moss

General Practitioner

D Dr Alex John

General Practitioner

D Dr Paddy McLisky

General Practitioner

D Dr Myron Binns

General Practitioner

D Dr Camilla White

General Practitioner

D Dr James Nicholson

General Practitioner

D Dr Skye Perkins

General Practitioner

D Dr Chris Bentley

General Practitioner

D Dr Susan Tyler-Freer

General Practitioner

M Mee Hee Douglas

Clinical Psychologist

J Jane Enter


E Elizabeth Margules

Child Psychologist

D Danni Turner


A Andrew Olson


N Nicola Cook

Physiotherapist - Hand Therapist

P Pip Taylor

Sports & Performance Dietitian

A Anna Millichamp

Paediatric Dietitian

G Gabriela Negrao

General Dietitian

J Judy Gatwood

Registered Nurse

C Coral Williamson

Registered Nurse

D Dale Gilmore

Sports & Remedial Masseur

K Karina Mereki

Remedial Massuer

C Consta Georgoussis

Yoga Instructor

R Roy Mumford

Therapeutic Masseur & Acupuncturist

D Damien Schofield

Personal Trainer

P Paula Bannan

Creative Coach

K Kylie Arthur

Practice Manager - General Practice

C Catherine MacPherson

Practice Manager - Allied Health

H Helen Brouwer

Medical Receptionist

M Melissa Bautista

Medical Receptionist

F Fiona Galloway

Medical Receptionist

J Jennifer Madden

IT Consultant

S Suni Golightly

Communications Consultant

M Mathew Simpson

Managing Director