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Today we are arguably more stretched, stressed and strained than at any other point in history, significantly impacting our health and wellbeing.

Cape-Byron-Medical-Centre-Health-and-Wellbeing“Wouldn’t it be a sensible proposition to periodically ask yourself does my health and wellbeing rank above all else, or do I need to re-prioritise?” says Dr Tonya Coren from Cape Byron Medical Centre. While we seem to be pre-conditioned to assume that we’ll continue to function ‘normally’ until we’re of a more mature age, it isn’t until we are confronted with our own mortality or that of an associate or loved one that we tend to bring our health and wellbeing into frame.

Adopting a more proactive, preventative approach to our health and wellbeing doesn’t need to be cost or time-prohibitive. Have a candid and confidential conversation with your GP today. To book your appoint with one our GPs click here or call us on (02) 6685 6326.

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