Cape Byron Medical Centre
  • Men´s health week 2018

    For many different reasons, men often feel they can’t talk about their own physical health or emotions. Men tend to battle through, ignoring warning signs just hoping they will go away, however, it is healthy to talk. Having a chat … Continue reading

  • Health appraisal benefits

    When considering embarking upon a new diet or fitness regime, we must first build an appreciation of our current physical and mental state with a health appraisal.

    Dr Tonya Coren from Cape Byron Medical Centre, a medical centre in Byron Bay, advocates building … Continue reading

  • Maintaining health as you age

    Reaching your prime years in good health and maintaining health is a high priority for a lot of people. Cape Byron Medical Centre, a local Byron Bay Medical Practice, are focused on working with you to achieve a healthy, happy … Continue reading

  • Immunisation for our kids

    To help our kids dreams become a reality we need to create an environment that is safe, positive and healthy.
    As parents and guardians we have a duty to ensure the health and wellbeing of our kids, which can’t be assured … Continue reading

  • Working Mums

    In the world today we are all too often reminded of ‘glass ceilings’ and the challenges women face in breaking through them. Women in business and working mums in particular are proving to be powerful and creative and changing the … Continue reading

  • The Importance of winter health

    Our health impacts our lives, it affects our mood, our relationships and our motivation at work and at home. So why do we willingly excuse ourselves from getting up, out and active during the winter months? Can we really use the … Continue reading