If You’re Looking for A Doctor In Byron Bay, Consider The Cape Byron Medical Centre for All Your Health Needs

The Cape Byron Medical Centre is a top quality general practice in the Byron Bay area, located on 4 Marvell Street. We’ve been serving the residents of Byron Bay and its surrounding communities since 1977 with our community focused Byron Bay medical centre. Our staff is especially aware of the importance of a secure environment for patients, making our practitioners, nurses, and administrative staff among the best trained in establishing such a supportive environment.

If you’re in Byron Bay, you can avoid the stresses of sickness at the Cape Byron Medical Centre. The focus of our Byron Bay Medical Centre is preventative health. We believe it is just as important to take measures to avoid sickness in addition to curing it when it strikes. At the base of this philosophy are our staff of experienced practitioners as well as our partnerships with surgical specialists and acute care facilities in the surrounding areas. In addition to being a well-established general practice, we can point you in the right direction should your condition take a turn for the worse.

Our suite of services run from GP obstetrics to comprehensive health assessments to work injuries, so you can feel assured in getting anything you need from our facility. If you’re still unsure if we’re the right place for you, you can contact us at (02) 6685-6326 or email us at info@capebyronmedical.com.au. We’ll give you all the information and assistance you need to make a decision.