Bulk Billing May Be the Solution to Your Problems, Thanks To Our Doctors In Byron Bay.

Money is the last thing we want to worry about when we go to see a doctor. Thanks to bulk billing, doctors in Byron Bay, you can shift the full share of payment to Medicare. This way you can focus on getting better faster. Aged pensions, health care card holders, children under the age of 16 and DVA gold card holders are just a few examples of groups that can take advantage of our bulk billing service.

At Cape Byron Medical Centre, we focus on both patient and community health, every day, and we’ve been offering exceptional quality healthcare to residents of Byron Bay and surrounding areas since 1977. We are a progressive, community integrated general practice and pride ourselves on our excellent standard of preventative health care.

In keeping with our commitment to prevention and quality, we make sure that our practitioners, nurses and even administrative staff strive to extend professionalism and empathy to all our current and potential patients. Nobody ever recovered well in an atmosphere of distrust and anxiety, so we try to foster a respectful, family-friendly environment to keep you at ease during your recovery.

You are our greatest priority whether you’re a patient in the waiting room or out and about in the community. We can accommodate for a great diversity of medical services. Should you need anything like GP Obstetrics or Immunisation or even telehealth consultations, our bulk billing doctors in Byron Bay have you covered.