We Use Bulk Billing to Simplify Your Life, Just Ask Your Doctor in Byron Bay

When we seek medical care, we want to simplify our lives while also focusing on our well-being and health. Nobody wants to worry about money while they await treatment at the hospital. We take these sentiments to heart at Cape Byron Medical Centre, and we strive to make you a priority.

A bulk billing doctor in Byron Bay gives you peace of mind and peace of health. At Cape Byron Medical Centre, and we are a progressive, community integrated general practice. Our doctors offer bulk billing services to aged pensions, health care card holders, children under the age of 16 and to DVA gold card holders. A “bulk billing” service, simply put, is just having Medicare take the full brunt of payment for medical services, instead of out your pocket. Bulk billing is essential to those who may not have the resources to pay for medical services, but are still in need of care. If you think bulk billing is right for you and you need a bulk billing doctor in Byron Bay, then we’d love to see you.

We know that a safe, supportive environment is essential to quality care, so we make sure our practitioners uphold this value for every visit. We pride ourselves on delivering high standards of preventative care, so that your body may be defended against future disease and avoid painful acute illnesses. To attain this goal, we provide a comprehensive suite of healthcare services for anything you may need, ranging from women’s health to aged healthcare to addiction medicine and so much more.